Pierre Pedroli, the mountains painter
Pierre Pedroli, born in Locarno in 1943, is a polyvalent personality active in the world of the winter sports, in the graphic arts, the industrial design and many other art forms. From his earliest days he has been interested in drawing and painting, passion he shares with those of skiing and mountaineering. He followed his talents by addicting himself to become a draftsman under the severe custody of Arch. Pisenti, who took care of his artistic education during the golden era of the Swiss Italian contemporary architecture school in the early sixties. Although very important for his general formation, Pedroli didn’t intend to remain a craftsman: his ambition was, and still is, to be a painter.
Thanks to the presence in Ascona of a numerous group of artists from abroad he could contact them and know them closer, first of all the Germaine Verna, who encouraged him to persevere in following his vocation. He thereafter taught himself to paint and draw for his own pleasure. He is definitively not an academic painter, but strongly empirical. His evolution is then subordinated to two opposite principles: the one of the firm rationalistic formation as draftsman and the instinctive and sometimes orderless organization and use of the colors on the board. His masters in mind are Van Gogh, Erni, Nizzola. The impressionists gave him the feeling for sceneries and atmospheres following Renoir’s and Monet’s quiver of light, and later the German expressionism encouraged him in using more thick and violent colors for his paintings. His technique acquired a certain maturity and strength: he definitively remains a figurative painter and his contours are now more accurate and his colors spread on the board with more decision. Since he couldn’t combine work and art he decided to stop with painting: “it is a question of modesty and serenity… “ he repeated at several occasions. From now on innume-rable activities absorb him: he opens his Office for Graphic Arts Applications, he is active in the Security of Ski Slopes and Areas and many other undertakings, developing useful and original products like the “Domsecur” (a high-tech altitude prefabricated cabin for rescue activities in Ski areas), the “Jackoforte” and “Unigradient” (both clothes for ski area professionals), the “Secursac” (first-aid rucksack for the rescue people), the “Slus” and many others. All these activities bring him all over around the world collecting everywhere images and impressions. Since the early 90s he has picked up his brushes again and has started painting anew. In a shy manner first, “just for myself” he told…, a matter of regaining forgotten automatisms and feelings, trying out previously familiar material and inventing new ones. The result speaks for itself : Pedroli, again, will never fit in any definition or school or trend, because he just try to paint his profound emotions. For years he lived in the mountains like mountain dwellers, in absence of any Victorian sense of romanticism but tough working conditions, and his painting now is the result of hours and hours spent in the cold staring the alpine sceneries, the snowed up rock faces, the avalanche paths, the wind on the ridges.
But all this seemed to be insufficient and he then began to use wasted materials to improve the sense of thickness to his paintings starting recycling all sort of stuff from his Studio, household and neighborhood! So he built, constructed and painted all in one and his pictures looked more and more like tormented mountains or tormented human faces. Since a couple of year his drawing activity has changed again and his drawing style has become lighter, almost a come-back to his beginnings, when he strongly admired the quiver of light of the impressionism masters.