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Sciare Magazine - 16th August 2012

I discesisti non sono kamikaze

By Pierre Pedroli

Lo spettacolo ad ogni costo spesso mette a rischio l'incolumità degli atleti, "è ora di fermarsi e riflettere" sono le parole di Didier Cuche dopo la quarta vittoria a Kitzbuehel. Leggi tutto l'articolo


Sciare Magazine - 1/14th February 2012

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Pierre "le genie"

The Imagination , the passion and ingeniousness of Pedroli, vice president of FIPS, would be worth a book.
Here it is why.

The most accurate readers surely already know him, for how much he knows about mountain we could write a whole book! Pierre Pedroli is born in Locarno (CH) in 1943 and now lives with his wife in a little village called Aurigeno – in the Maggia Valley of Canton Ticino ( in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland).
He is dynamic and active in the world of winter sports, of graphic arts (he founded, 40 years ago, the "Studio 43P"), of industrial design and in many other forms of art. "Imagination, ingeniousness and ability to dream" are the ingredients that brought him to spend his life at amazing speed, full of satisfactions and allowing him to realize many concepts, ideas and projects.
To pick only a few of them, the first support poles for nets with upper sliding pulley, the snow overalls "Jackoforte" and "Unigradient", the rescue backpack "Secursac", the "star crampons" for TUBBS snowshoes and many others.
His two bigger passions are drawing and painting on one side and ski and mountaineering on the other side.
About the first one, I could say that Pierre has a calling blended with talent ripen under artistic education of the Architect Pisenti, at the Italian School for Contemporary Architecture, during the "gold times" of Switzerland in the early sixties. About the second, he is an expert of mountain and snow slopes security; military and instructor incorporated in the "Avalanche Bataillon" , Samaritan, rescuer and patroller SOS Ski FSS (Swiss Ski Federation) , founder of "Ski Competition Picket of FSSI with involvement in World Cup Competitions.
With both national and international assignments in activities of promotions and realization of security in Winter Ski Stations and in ski competitions he was Head of Security of slopes.
He is Vice President of FIPS and Honorary Member of DSI (the association that brings together all Directors of Italian Ski Stations, and "founding father" of the Italian FISPS (Italian Federation of Ski Slopes Security).

When I asked him to tell me something about FIPS his eyes brightened up and he said:
" It was love at first sight. An organized structure, a group of enthusiastic people of every nationality, social origin and religion, that I met in Meribel in 1983, during my first world congress. After the FSSI Ski Competition Picket, I found in FIPS this "international breathing" that I was missing. This even if with the Swiss Italian Patrollers we had organized with success the first SOS Ski Patrollers Course in Macugnaga (VB-Italy), with people that attended this course that founded FISPS and made then a long way in this area as Pujatti, Moras, Telmon, Lorini and many others. With FIPS I worked hard, really, promoting it with all available means, helped from the start by the at the time newborn FISPS and by ANPS of French patrollers.
All this with courses, conferences, articles on media, involvement in many events and finally word-of-mouth.
To remember dearly are the two FIPS Europe Meetings that I organized in Livigno (1983) with the support of FISPS and the DSI of my friend Aldo Del Bò, with patrollers from Italy, Austria, Germany, Spain, France, Sweden, Finland and Switzerland, and the one following, in Zermatt in 1985 with the same participant nations.
FIPS means also for me the assignment I received at the Japanese Congress and that I carry on still now (reelected in Salt Lake City in 2009) as Security Vice President and "contact person" with FIS.
I will be glad to hand over (if FIPS Board Members will agree) to Marc Ziegler, director of the Swiss Cableways Training Center in Meiringen. This is the Center that prepares "meccatronics" and operators of Swiss cableways and also trains Swiss SOS Ski patrollers, coming from each of the four linguistic regions of Switzerland and open to trainees of all Europe and other interested countries.
Marc Ziegler will be able to bring to FIPS experience, abilities and sympathy, and continue this experience that started 30 years ago. In 1988 I helped to make FIS, in these times directed by Hodler, credit FIPS and I believe FIPS is the only organization, above any interest, that ties all those working for Snow sliding sports, this area that is so dear to my heart."
A last interesting hint: the FISPS logo is one of Pierre's graphic projects from 1984! Thank you Pierre!

Sciare Magazine - 1/14th February 2012
Trad. By Eleonora Pedroli 01.04.2012

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